Stanley Idaho area hikes


Mar 13, 2012
I am planning a 3 1/2 day (3 night) backpacking trip to the Sawtooths area around Stanley Idaho in late August. I have looked at a few hikes in AllTrails like:
White Clouds Peaks Loop - 28.4 mi rated as "hard"
Imogene Lake to Toxaway Lake loop 27 or so miles rated as "moderate"
Redfish Lake to Pettit Lake about 32 mi rated has "hard"

I have done a few hikes in the area but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for other hikes or comments on these. I am an experience hiker but I do have years on me so I don't want anything overly difficult.

Suggestions/recommendations are appreciated.
Here is a trip I did last year in that area:

2 Nights in the Sawtooths

We were somewhat limited by snow, but in August you would have more options. Alice/Toxaway Loop is popular and you can add different variations. I have heard good things about Imogene. Search this site and you will find loads more ideas. I would also recommend using caltopo to map out a route that looks good to you.
There is a small lake on the cutoff trail between Toxaway and Farley heading up to Imogene. There is a small lake on trail (40 I believe) and think it is Lake Edith. Trying to figure out how to divide my hike - Pettit to Imogene to Toxaway to Twin Lakes back to Pettit into 3 1/2 days - 3 nights on the trail. Is there any possibility to camp in the lake Edith area? The full trip to Imogene seems a bit ambitious as it is about 10 mi with a lot of altitude. I know there is camping at Farley (too close to TH), Toxaway (I have camped there) and Twin Lakes area but just seems hard to get a reasonable distance between night 1 and night 2 no matter which direction I go. Any suggestions as I would like to keep my daily distances between 6-8 or so miles.
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