SPOT Connect


Aug 9, 2007
I've been using my SPOT 2 satellite messenger for the last couple of years and really like it. But for longer solo trips, I'm thinking it would be cool to have the SPOT Connect and be able to send out text messages with updates from the trip. Wondering if anyone has used the SPOT Connect much and what you think of it. Obviously the big potential trouble spot is the need to also have your phone and have it charged enough to use. If I only fired up my iPhone once or twice a day to send one message, would it last a week? Can you still do tracking and pre-determined okay messages without the phone?

SPOT Connect


Jan 17, 2012
I looked into the SPOT Connect a few months ago and decided against it at the time because all the reviews were pretty bad about keeping a bluetooth connection working between the device and the phone. I wonder if they have worked out those issues since I last looked?

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