Southern Utah trip


Apr 22, 2013
My best friend had never been to Utah & I invited him along for one of my hiking trips.
We would have only two days and he's not much of a hiker so I had to keep things simple.

First view into Utah was inspiring...


Then it was off to Wirepass Narrows and the Buckskin Gulch.
Definitely some amazing views with minimal effort, perfect for this trip

My friend was truly amazed...




Definitely something to ponder...


Done with Wirepass Narrows and the Buckskin Gulch we headed off to the Toadstools off highway 89 for a view



With the day getting a little warm a quick trip to Lone Rock with the kayaks seemed in order to cool off


Next day we headed to Antelope Point to kayak into lower Antelope Canyon
We were greeted with an amazing mirror image on the lake and some deep blue skies!


If the water was shallow the emerald green colors of the lake really stood out



Last time I kayaked lower Antelope Canyon the buoy was near the entrance to the canyon
This time is was almost two miles in...

Reaching the end of the lake we hiked up canyon a little bit and found this sand castle on the canyon walls


After that it was unfortunately time to head home... thankfully I get to come back to Lake Powell in less than two weeks for a fun kayak/camping outing on the lake, should be fun!


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I have an Aquaglide kayak and have wondered how it compares to a Sea Eagle. Are they both yours? Or have you paddled both enough to compare?

Looks like a great couple of days
I've had the the Aquaglide Columbia for about 2 years and upgraded Sea Eagle Razorlite for almost a year ago.
There really is no comparison between the two, the Sea Eagle is far superior in almost every way.
In less than a year I have already put over 300 miles on the Sea Eagle and easily paddled over 20 miles in one day.

A picture says a 1,000 words... the Sea Eagle is much faster for obvious reasons:IMG_8925-Edit-1.jpg
Nice. I'm overdue for a warm weather Glen Canyon trip. What do you think about the stability on that Sea Eagle Razorlite? I tried to get in one at the OR and I kept dumping it, but I'm also a bit top heavy. It was also a prototype so maybe they figured some things out.
The razorlight definitely isn't as rock stable at your fast track but i don't have any issues with the stability, even in choppy water
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