Solar flare = aurora in many places next couple of nights

Thanks Rockskipper. Guess will have to go outside the next few nights to see if I can see these lights. Yea!
Now have seen them several times here in Wyoming and in adjacent Idaho. But really do remember seeing them in late August and Early September when up in Denali N.P.
The hotel we stayed at outside denali a few years back offered a wake up call for northern lights. So about 2:30 am the phone rings and we go outside (along with probably half the other guests) and stand around in the cold for probably 30 minutes and never see a thing:(
I missed the great display back in October/November. Hopefully I'll catch a bit of this one but we're expecting clouds and then snow. If it is delayed until the weekend we'll have a much better chance.

I saw the lights a lot more when we lacked indoor plumbing. I doubt my wife is willing to make that sacrifice again. I have been seeing the faded green displays lately on dog walks.

I saw them from the Mt Zirkel Wilderness in Colorado many years ago, and several times in MT. The best viewing for me has been in the Brooks Range. Unbelievable displays there.