Snowshoeing near Wildcat Trailhead, Kolob Terrace


I lava it!!!
Jan 19, 2012
In early January Southern Utah received a good amount of snow in the mountains and with temperatures really low for a while the snow stayed for quite a while, even in Zion.
I just moved to St. George a week earlier and was anxious to see some snow nearby and simply get out and explore the area. Even here I kept the old habit and left my snow shoes in my car during the winter. You never know, maybe there are some opportunities to use them.
How right I was. I had business near Hurricane that day and somehow I was totally tempted to get somewhere else. I drove to Virgin and from there I headed up Kolob Terrace Road.
Was it open in winter? Would I find some snow?
I definitely found some snow and it was a lot. Eventually I ended up near the big S curve approximately half a mile before Wildcat TH. The road was inaccessible past that point or maybe you have chains.
I parked next to half a dozen other cars with trailers and snow mobiles and couldn't wait to get started.
The whole area looked so awesome and I went for a nice late afternoon/sunset snow shoe trip .


view toward Firepit Knoll


some of the snow drifts were at least two feet deep, maybe more, and I had to find my own way cross country.


deer tracks

Later I discovered a recently used trail and followed it for quite a while before turning my attention again to a different area. I wanted to find a good spot where I could take some shots of Zion in the distance.


Selfie on the trail. Underneath the trail was still a foot of packed snow

The light was getting better



shortly before sunset



and then,finally, a few nice after sunset shots. But with only having my point and shoot camera that wasn't an easy task. I wished I had a tripod.




Northgate Peaks

It was a great little trip and I repeated it a few days later.

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Very cool, Yvonne! What a great area for snowshoeing. For some reason I thought the road was closed lower than this in the winter.
Very cool, Yvonne! What a great area for snowshoeing. For some reason I thought the road was closed lower than this in the winter.

Nick, there was no official road closure, I guess you can head as far as you like. But there was at least a foot of snow on the road beyond Wildcat, nasty slushy stuff in some places.The road was plowed to the turn around point where I parked, but I think with chains you can head up much further.
I was surprised of the amount of snow and seriously expected less snow up there. You can also snow shoe to Northgate Peaks, but I was way too late that day for further explorations.
Despite the half a dozen cars parked up there I saw no one else. I guess they all went somewhere else with their snow mobiles.
Nice shots! Amazing what one can do with a "point and shoot". It's good to know I have Southern Utah "neighbors" who get out and do awesome trips.