Snowshoeing Lewis Peak and Ben Lomand Peak


Love the Mountains!
Mar 1, 2016
I just started snowshoeing this year to stay in backpacking shape for the summer. I started off with a few warm up hikes and then 2 weeks ago decided to Climb Lewis Peak in the Ogden area. Trail starts at the top of the North Ogden Divide. In the summer it is 5 miles one way to the peak. Lewis Peak is at 8031 feet. One of the things I really like about snowshoeing is that you don't have to follow the trail. You can just go straight up and for that matter straight back down. Although I would recommend watching for trees on the way back down.

View going up

View from Lewis Peak looking towards Mt Ogden

View of Ben Lomand Peak from Lewis Peak which was my inspiration for my next snowshoeing adventurre.

View of the route on the way back down.

The trail is pretty steep in the beginning and then levels out on the top. It took me 3 hours to get up and 2 hours 15 minutes to get down for a grand total of 9.21 miles.

Yesterday I decided I felt the need to climb Ben Lomand from the North Fork Park trailhead as it has more snow on that side. Trail from the north Ogden divide is lacking in snow until you get up high. Ben Lomand Has an elevation of 9,712 feet. Round trip in the summer from North Fork Park it is 15.2 miles.

Here is a view 2.5 miles in with Ben Lomand Peak in the distance.

Pictures don't do it justice but this is the bowl I climbed up to get to the saddle.

View of Ben Lomand Peak from the saddle.

View of lovely cornice. Almost near the top.

Gotta love the views from the top! Looking toward Lewis Peak and Mt Ogden.

Always have to get a shot of the beautiful sign in Box at the top of Ben Lomand Peak. It sure does look lovely this time of year.

View of Willard Peak which is 53 feet higher than Ben Lomand Peak from said Ben Lomand Peak which is 53 lower than the afforementioned Willard Peak.

Obligatory selfie from the peak

Had to get a comparison view from Ben Lomand peak with the lovely snowshoes that helped me get to the top looking back so 2 weeks ago towards Lewis Peak and my inspiration for this journey with Mt Ogden right behind it.

For a round trip of 9 miles. Most of it was just going straight up which made coming down very enjoyable.
I have been renting my snowshoes from Recreation Outlet but must get me a pair for next year with my fall REI 20% off fall discount. I tried to msr lighting ascents which were very and light. Had better traction for traversing and going up and down hills but pricey. Have enjoyed the msr evos. They have done the trick quite nicely especially on harder packed snow and have the 6 inch tails for powder. But am thinking I will get the MSR Revos which are supposed to be the new and improved evos. They are usually $50 cheaper than the lightnings. Haven't been able to try them yet as they don't rent them out anywhere but the guys at recreation outlet assure me that's the one to get. Can't go wrong with MSR both of the ones I have tried were great and have so much better traction than the old aluminum tube frame ones.

That's all the story and unnecessary snowshoe opinions I have for today.


Life really is better Here
Apr 20, 2013
Nice double report.
I also took up some snowshoeing to stay fit during the winter.
I have tried -and loved- the lightning ascents, but just too pricey for me right now. My friend got me a pair of used Evo's from one of those universities in Utah valley for $20 a couple of years back, and 90% of the time they are perfect.


Love the Mountains!
Mar 1, 2016
My friend got me a pair of used Evo's from one of those universities in Utah valley for $20 a couple of years back, and 90% of the time they are perfect.
Nice! I have been impressed with the evos. I would be even more impressed to find a pair for that price. That's a good friend.


Love the Mountains!
Mar 1, 2016
Saturday I was able to go on one last snowshoeing adventure to complete my third peak in the Ogden area. This time I had to climb Mt Ogden which sits at 9570 feet. I took the Beus Canyon trail which in the summer is approximately 12 miles round trip. At the trailhead there was no snow but it didn't take long to get into the beautiful white stuff.

View of trail in Beus Canyon

The trail starts going up Beus Canyon and then takes you around to the Birch Creek Canyon. Birch Creek Canyon was a bit obnoxious this time of year as the trail is on the South and East side of the canyon and has more sun exposure. Parts of the trail would be covered in snow where other parts of the trail would be bare. Therefore, I had to take the snowshoes off and put them back on a few times before finding a good spot to snowshoe straight up to the ridge line. Upon reaching the ridge line it took a while before finally getting my first glance of Mt Ogden.
Mt Ogden in the distance. It's the one with the beautiful radio tower.


Almost there

View from Mt Ogden Peak looking back at the ridge line I just hiked up.

Snowbasin ski resort is on the back side of Mt Ogden. Here is a shot of Snowbasin with Pineview Reservoir in the background.

View of Ben Lomand from Mt Ogden Peak with rented Lightning Ascents.

Obligatory Mt Ogden Peak selfie complete with view of Ben Lomand and lovely radio tower.

On the way down I took a nice shortcut and skipped Birch Creek Canyon and slid my way straight into Beus Canyon.
View of shortcut

Looking down Beus Canyon

Lovely rock feature in Beus Canyon for added viewing enjoyment

Total hike came to 9.46 miles. It took me 5 hours and 15 minutes to get to the peak and 2 hours and 45 minutes to hike down. It was a beautiful sunny day and nice to be able to complete my Ogden Valley Mountain Peak snowshoeing trifecta.
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