Smoke on the water … fire in the sky …


Mar 31, 2016
The wildfires in Quebec are really affecting our air quality here in the east. The current AQI for my town is 220 (very unhealthy) and in Syracuse, 90 miles to our west, the AQI is 330 (dangerous). You can really smell the smoke when you step outside. Now I know what it’s like when the fires are burning around you folks out west.


Aug 18, 2015
Bad down here in CT too 200-300's. NYC metro at dangerous levels. La Guardia air traffic grounded for awhile.
Looks like a bad fire season as summer conditions haven't even started.



Mar 3, 2013
LOl ....... nice clear blue skies and puffy clouds here. Our season should be late if at all this year. And the SW has had nothing to speak of yet, very unusaual


Dec 23, 2018
We've been under air quality alerts here in NC this week. The sky looks a lot like southern California right now :(


Jun 11, 2017
I feel for you all. I was stuck between two big fires a few years ago in W. Colorado in the 400s for AQI. Ash was falling from the sky. It's miserable trying to breathe - headaches, sore throat, even nosebleeds. Bad stuff.
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