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And at what point do you just not bother bringing a sleeping bag? Thinking nothing more than a down coat and some convertible pants will do fine for me this weekend. Anyone ever gone that way?

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This looks like the forecast for Escalante. I'll be there on Sunday (have a knack for picking the hottest day of the year, months in advance) and probly will be up and down HITR road all week. I've also been thinking about whether to take the bag or just a down shirt I have along with a pair of wool long-johns. So this thread is very interesting to me.
I've got enough gear in my garage to effectively become a bonafide outfitter. I have a 15, 30, 45, 50 degree bags. the 45 is the only synthetic. I agree that a full zip is the way to go, especially in the desert. If you're an ultralighter down is the doctrine. My 50 is a vaude down. I used it primarily for the 12 day JMT trip in 2008. It worked "ok." I've only really used it a handful of times since then because it's a quarter zip. My suggestion - get a nice down bag that's rated to 30ish degrees, with a full zip (for ultralight it's only an additional 8 oz) so you can use it as a blanket or a bag. My puffy sweater always doubles as my pillow.

I've always lived by the addage, "If your feet are happy, and you sleep warm, it doesn't matter what mother nature throws at you, you'll always be comfortable." So far it's never failed me.

For a little more insight on me, I'm 5'11'' and 185 lbs and a capricorn (LOL). Good luck.
6'5", about 210lbs, and a side sleeper so I like a slighter wider bag to roll in.

The Western Mountaineering Caribou has been great for me. It's lighter than many quilts (and I use it as a quilt when it's warmer) and although rated at 35 degrees, I find I can sleep in the high 20s. Even had it in the low teens this year, albeit with a liner and a down jacket.

Alternatively, a bit heavier but the Montbell Superstretch bags are quite roomy (and elasticized so you don't have big voids and cold spots).
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