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Mar 10, 2016
Spent 4 days in the Desolation Wilderness (the Crystal Range) last week, wandering high n' low. Lots of water. Lots of flowers. No bugs to speak of, maybe 3 or 4 times I swatted. Swam in some nice lakes, enjoyed 20-40 MPH winds as they buffeted tents and danced across water, and generally had a fantastic time. Went in at Wrights Lake and visited Twin/Island lakes and Mount Price, then over Rockbound Pass to base at Lake Doris and day hike north.

Day 1 - Twin/Island lakes & Mt Price.











Days 2-4. Lake Doris base and wander to Lois, Schmidell, and Leland Lakes.

Along trail.

Lake Lois.

Lake Lois outlet.

Woodrow and mountains.

Along trail.

Lake Schmidell.

Leland Lakes.

Leland Lakes.

Leland Lakes & the Drow.

Leland Lakes

Passing by Schmidell again.

Goodbye mountains... For now. dundun duh dummmmmm.



Jan 24, 2012
This is sooo sweet. Desolation wilderness was already on my list for next year but this TR seals the deal.


Mar 10, 2016
This is sooo sweet. Desolation wilderness was already on my list for next year but this TR seals the deal.

It's a wonderful area, you can't go wrong ! Enjoy !
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