Short Vid of Grizz Chasing Motorcycle on the Dempster


Jun 11, 2017
I saw that on the advrider forum ( and after it was posted someone said the exact same thing, that they were really stupid and got lucky. And one should never squeal or scream around a potential predator, we all know that, though hopefully it was far behind by then.

I recall seeing a vid of a bear chasing a bicyclist, maybe up in Alberta, who did the same thing. It was even more sketchy, but I'm not sure if the bicyclist saw the bear before passing. Cars honked and scared the bear off.

And after watching it again, I think you're right, not a grizz, but I can't change the title.
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Nov 23, 2015
When I was on the Dempster, I wondered what I’d do if I came across a grizzly. Not that. And, no, it’s not a grizzly.


Jun 11, 2017
I was north of Teslin once and stopped to watch a grizz over on the edge of the clearing eating, probably a good hundred feet away. I got some great video, but it came right up to the car (I stayed inside) before I could clear out. It's amazing how fast they are, and this one just seemed curious, but that was the end of stopping to watch bears for me unless they were pretty far away.
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