Short Overnight hikes near Salt Lake City


Apr 7, 2015
Hey everyone, I have been doing some backpacking with my 9 year old son lately, and need some more ideas for shorter overnight hikes near Salt lake city - the kind of hike where we can leave on Friday afternoon, hike in, camp overnight, and hike out on Saturday. We have a goal to do one per month. In January we went to Little Wild Horse canyon (not backpacking). In February we went to Fifth Water Hot Springs near Spanish Fork. In March we did Coyote Gulch. I need some more simple, shorter overnighter ideas for April, May, and June. In July and August we can probably do some shorter Uintas hikes. Any suggestions?
There are plenty of places in the central Wasatch that make a good quick backpack, such as Hogum Cirque, Thunder Bowl, and Maybird Gulch. For now you'd be camping on snow but the days are long and warm (or will be real soon).
Lake Blanche and Brighton Lakes are popular spots up BCC. Though Brighton Lakes are better in June, July, August due to the ski resort you have to hike up there. Ogden has a nice spot called Malan's Peak and Malan's Basin which I hiked as a kid and thought it would be a great place to hike back up to for an overnighter, but never got around to. The trailhead for that is at the mouth of Taylor Canyon at the east (top) end of 27th Street. There's a fantastic spring that flows right out of the rock not too far up the canyon on the right, and stream that runs through the basin further above.

Now that I live in Utah Valley, I'm much more familiar with many of the trails down here. There are many down here that lead right out of the valley with many great spots for camping. If you're interested in any of those, shoot me a DM and I can share some of those spots.