Select Peaks of the Greater Yellowstone - Second Edition (coupon code for pre-order)


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Jan 4, 2015
I ordered one yesterday as a xmas present for myself. I decided it will help with daydreaming in the winter. It will probably end up making me obsessed the GYE to add to my SEKI obsession :)
Mine arrived on Tuesday. First impressions are very positive. Well worth the pricetag.
My was delivered yesterday, I told my wife to put it under the tree so I will be happy with at least one present. I've been told that I'm difficult to shop for :)
Everyone probably received an email talking about the book binding. I was a little confused at what the issue was, but the video he posted was really clear.

Seems like a pretty easy fix
my copy arrived the other day, it's lovely!!! and it means I can give my first edition to a friend who had sort of been coveting it for a long time :)
my copy arrived the other day, it's lovely!!! and it means I can give my first edition to a friend who had sort of been coveting it for a long time :)
That's super generous, but that First Edition has quite the value on the out of print market...If I was feeling that generous I'd probably buy my friend a 2nd edition blemished and keep the collector's piece.
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