Scary sea lions abort trip.


May 25, 2019
I acquired a difficult to get permit for the Lost Coast Trail in far N. Ca. This was very last minute with a day to prepare followed by a 6 plus hour drive the following day FD10FBE7-8E28-45E8-A38C-607F54E11CA7.jpeg495720EE-80F3-47BB-BB9B-ED1B65AE95C5.jpeg

to the trailhead. The trail is a plus 25 mile one way trek and most people either make arrangements for a shuttle which is expensive or if traveling with others one leaves a vehicle at the destination parking lot either way it’s a 2 plus hour drive in either direction. Given that I was able to get my solo permit on short notice both these options were not viable. My plan was to walk for 2 days taking my time and exploring the surf and rock fishing options the return to the trailhead.
My golden lab Olive would impose her will upon my plans.

lots of flowers the iconic old lighthouse which is about 3-4 miles in. I’m convinced I would rather walk at 8,000 plus feet at a steady climb than walk through sand any day. It was exhausting.
671D74CC-7D95-4361-B00C-C4BDF202B13D.jpegADACB63E-EE9F-4A92-8047-317C77B09D31.jpeg3038984F-509D-45A0-9032-24E81F16E4CF.jpegMy dog Olive is nearing 3 years old and I have never seen her as terrified as she was when we came upon this group. She immediately tucked tail and sprinted back up the trail like I’ve never seen before. Stopping easily 1/8 of a mile away and ignoring my commands to come. A88A01D3-A99F-46AA-82EE-A55FB822BCFD.jpeg
I pulled out my leash and attempted to cajole her into passing but she shook her collar and high tailed it up the ridge above us. The ridge where I had noticed a pack of coyotes trailing us earlier. About a half hour later and much anxiety I found her on the trail behind me. I decided that i would backtrack and just enjoy where I was.
C5F3A464-55B0-4CCC-ADAB-E2B2DCAEE3D3.jpeg418B11AE-A39B-489A-A762-A6BD2388F9D8.jpeg33767CD1-9AE1-4150-9B6E-21DBB140ABFF.jpegB3C83755-FE3B-42BF-ACA5-D32921D0C03A.jpegWe spent the evening ignoring the days sea lion trauma but my first choice for a campsite had an unfortunate reminder 85A2EEC9-D3CE-46E8-8EBC-D82873D1AD03.jpegWe moved away from this unfortunate fellow and set up for the night. The fishing was okay several surf perch and some small greenlings off the rocks. This volleyball sized skull of a lingcod makes me think better fishing is to be had. 3C34B360-78FF-4AE7-80D0-90A14919FCBE.jpegthis is my first trip since last summer when things got serious in our area it was great to be out.
(I cant figure out why some of the photos are oriented the way they are, out of practice) Hope all have been well.