Sawtooths July 2019


May 26, 2019
A day hike we took to the Saddleback Lakes. This hike is pretty strenuous, but the views are absolutely incredible!! FB060AC9-EA3A-4C92-895F-F3E674BB2CAF.jpegBA4F1ED9-9FAC-46FA-A6CA-E45D7C0FD140.jpeg44316E56-3937-49A0-B317-196AC7CB7B56.jpeg0D8D3D81-1E5C-45B4-80E8-DEBEE03C2B03.jpeg71CFC929-DE52-44FE-B98B-412E83CE078C.jpeg5001F63D-C301-4919-8FF9-D2432949E571.jpegC226EC16-37C0-4938-A9F0-BD90E36A391E.jpegE7B401EC-D6E4-4CCE-8BAF-0311019A487B.jpegF30EE7E5-63A5-44C3-BC8B-5BE02E9B7F1A.jpeg73201166-2976-4AD8-8326-A05820AFDF9F.jpegAF912E10-3B8C-4090-A881-15E66E3DA709.jpegA79DC32D-8D3D-486C-BF40-B390F5058ED6.jpeg91D40F80-ACC6-484F-A922-9E3C231549D0.jpeg908F376E-2C10-4471-A851-F89B367AC79E.jpeg33FE950D-4868-4D91-A6B6-5C40699AF713.jpeg
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