Savage Gulf, TN. DEC 27-29


Make ready. Go forward!
Jan 21, 2012
Went on this hike with some folks from a group I'm a part of. I must confess, I'd never heard of the area before and I didn't do a lot of research, so my info on this place is very limited.
We did around 21 miles total in three days. Elevation change was about 700 feet. They'd had record rains before we arrived and we were rained on for most of our "middle' day. That not with standing it was a really fun trip.
Waterfalls were spectacular. Creek crossing were challenging to say the least. At one point we left the trail and found our way up one of the sides to avoid a creek crossing.
Sorry it's not much of a write up. I'm still a bit tired, but I hope you enjoy the photos.
Pictures in no particular order.












I hiked a little there for the first time a couple of months I guess I have to go backpack it! Thanks for the report.
Nice, looks like a great area to explore. I also like the idea of some reports with shots not in a particular order, kinda like the Korean horror movies I saw as a teenager.
Nice! The Cumberland Plateau is a gem.
Thanks for sharing. I'd love to backpack through some of that area.
Love seeing reports from new areas. Those falls are cliffs are spectacular. Thanks for posting.
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