ruins at Comb Ridge


Feb 1, 2015
I'm going to spend a few days camping along Butler Wash. I see there are several ruins along there, but nothing with much detail about finding them.

Anyone give me some tips or refer me to a good source, I'd appreciate it. I have the Trails Illustrated map, which has them marked in Grand Gulch but not along Comb Ridge.

We'll be driving a passenger car.


Mar 3, 2013
pm me ................ can send you some info, most are well known.

Wyatt Carson

Desert Vagabond
Apr 15, 2015
Sometimes just poking around is fun. We found an amazing ruin that way but none of them are really a secret anymore. All of a sudden lots of folks started showing up. I asked them one by one how they had found it but they all gave very vague answers and that never did answer the question. Later in the day a older guy came along and we got into a very cool conversation. I asked him the very same question. He said it was on the cover of Kelsey's new book! LOL

They he told me he had found Wetherill's Cave 7 I think it was, the massacre site of long ago. Amazing. I showed him my map where I had transposed a lot of ruin symbols from a 1950s quad I found and he marked some very interesting spots on my map. He had an old pair of jeans on and a polo shirt, very unassuming but interesting exploration character. We went in the back way to visit several of those sites going cross country and doing some fun route finding.

Get Kelsey's Non Technical Canyon Guide, Colorado Plateau. You will not run out of things to explore and if you go over a long time over and over you can just branch out and find your own spots too. He did not fit them all in.


Aug 9, 2007
I'm no expert, but post some trip reports and let people get to know you a bit and you'll have a lot more luck getting good intel.
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