Rocky Sea to Uintah lake trail?


Jun 14, 2012
So, I know I'm only getting like six months ahead of myself here, but, it's where my brain is at the moment.

I've read in a couple of places that there is a trail from the top of Rocky Sea pass to Uintah Lake, but haven't found anything about it at all, other than a couple of mentions that it exists.

Has anyone here used this trail, or know anything about it? Would you care to share what you know?

Last summer I took a lunch break on the Upper Rock Creek trail at the outlet from Rosalie lake and decided I wanted to come back and spend a night or two in the area and try the fishing at Rosalie, Margie and Uintah. I know how to get there by descending the east side of Rocky Sea. Just wondering if this possible atlernate route might not be a viable option to cut time off reaching Rosalie?


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