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May 19, 2012
I have been cleaning up some of my old posts, I had a hard drive failure and a lot of broken links for the pics. This is a trip from 2015.


There are 2 days in the year that belong to ME, and that is my birthday and fathers day. My son say's fathers day does not count, as it is a "Hallmark Holiday", but I disagree wholeheartedly. My birthday was November 6th, and I was thinking of going somewhere on Cedar Mesa. I emailed @Nick to see if he was interested, and he talked to @slc_dan and pretty soon we had a trip. It turns out we were going to have Sage and Mya (no dogs allowed in a lot of Cedar Mesa) so Nick suggested a spot near Colonnade Arch above the Green River that he knew we could car camp at. So I drove to Green River and parked my car, and met Nick and Dan, loaded up my stuff into Nick's truck.

On the way over from the Cisco offramp, the La Sals with Fisher Towers:



We headed off into the unknown, getting dark, and windy, which was a drag. Heading
south from Green River. No major obstacles encountered, arriving in the dark at our spot. Got the fire going, and I actually stayed up to my birthday. The wind had stopped, and the world was good.

My new tent Mountain Hardware Skyledge 3DP, and an amazing view to wake up to:


After breakfast we start out for Colonnade Arch, not far way, we take our time, photographing, being constantly amazed.






Hiking up to the top of the arch:










Saturday was spent driving out to Hans Flat, and trying to find a road to access a hike to see a rock art panel, only to find it closed. We then decided to go to a spot Nick knew of near the Dirty Devil River. On our way, Nick looking into a canyon:



The spot Nick chose for us to camp was one of the most surreal landscapes I have been in. Hoodoos, caves, mini arches, and to top it off an amazing fire ring, hippie like and much to my liking. You have to walk a circuitous path through rock formations to find it out on a point.



This was probably one of the best camp spots I have ever had. I got to set my tent up at the head of an enormous basin of slickrock, with domes, pinnacles and canyons below, rock as far as I could see, with the Henry Mountains in the distance. The next morning:


Early the next morning

_DSC3689 2.jpg



IMG_4616 - Version 2.jpg

Time to pack up and go.
It was a great birthday.
Thanks for looking.

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Hike Hard, Tread Lightly
May 15, 2013
No need to thank me for looking...THANK YOU for posting. Truly inspired...maybe I know where to go for Thanksgiving now.



Mar 16, 2015
Lots of great pics. My favorite is probably the first one, though with the Fisher Towers and La Sals.


May 19, 2012
Yeah, it was a fun trip with good company. Beautiful shots Dan.
And thanks for the comments.
I completely spaced out meeting @Udink after the Colonnade Arch Hike. It was good to drink a beer, even if it was windy.
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Jul 5, 2014
Great report and great pictures by both of you. That landscape looks amazing and I need to go out there. Hey @slc_dan is that really missile testing going on in that pic or just the name of the pic?

And happy belated birthday Greg.


May 19, 2012
I, for one felt the lights were an alien galactic invasion.


Desert Rat-Weekend Warrior
Jun 7, 2012
Great report and great pictures by both of you. That landscape looks amazing and I need to go out there. Hey @slc_dan is that really missile testing going on in that pic or just the name of the pic?

And happy belated birthday Greg.


I concur with Greg. Gov't coverup FOR SURE ;)

It was all over the news a when we came home. I guess twitter went crazy with people claiming ALIENS!! UFO!!

It was however unidentified for us at the time. I think we collectively said "What the F*$K?!?!" about 100 times. seriously. To put it in perspective, those peaks are the Henry Mountains. Mt. Ellen sits at 11,522.

I believe @Nick even got his photo published on the local news channel. The "Missle Test" was done off the coast of San Diego!
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Feb 1, 2014
Wow. I'm jealous. I don't get my birthday or Father's Day. I'd go hiking more but my wife has never been into it and she sees hiking trips as me taking a vacation without her. I can't really argue with that. Fortunately she graciously supports a couple trips a year, so I've been trying to make those an epic bucket list type of thing.

Great pictures! I think you used your day well.
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