road from Hite to Water Hole Flat


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Mar 1, 2015
Does anyone know how long I should expect it to take to drive from Hite to the Waterhole flat area under normal road conditions in a Subaru Outback? I'm thinking that for my next trip to the Maze (whenever that ends up being), I may try to take my car as far as it will safely/comfortably go, then take my mountain bike the rest of the way to the Land of Standing Rocks. I've read that it's an easy road up to roughly that point, but I have no clue as to how long I should expect that drive to take. As a point of reference, I took my car to the top of the Flint switchbacks this last March, but wasn't comfortable taking it any further than that. I'm assuming that I can probably take it to the Water Hole Flat area, and maybe even close to the Teapot Rock Campsite?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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Feb 5, 2021
I made it to WH Flat in my truck/camper last Fall...then it started raining/snowing so we turned around and drove out. You shouldn't have any trouble making it as it's mostly flat dirt with some slickrock sections when you cross some of the bigger washes. My recollection is that it was rutted/washboarded just enough that you couldn't make great time. I would guess it took about 2 hours max to make it that far. As I understand it the road is OK to Teapot Rock but gets gnarly past that point. I'm also considering a similar trip...getting the camper as far as Teapot campsite and then biking to the Harvest Panel hike in the Maze. Still don't have a bike yet, so not sure when it will happen.


Jan 8, 2017
It's been two years now, but we had a similar experience to @napatony13. we made it to the campsite at Teapot rock, but after that it was a little too much for what we wanted to do. If i recall correctly, the worst part about the drive there was some pretty rutted out sandy areas shortly before the campsite. 2 hours from Hite seems about right, although I'd say on the longer side of that, but I could be a slow driver.


Formerly bob32
Mar 1, 2015
Thanks! That pretty much confirms the impression I had. Now I just need to buy some cheap bikepacking bags to help for trips like this...
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