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Jan 24, 2017
A majority of my backpacking is done in wilderness locations or other locations where I do not need a permit. However, I figure now that I live so close to RMNP I would look to get a few permits this year when they open the site at the beginning of March. I wanted to see what others here think or which sites (if you have stayed at any) you preferred or liked. I already know I am climbing Long's Peak this year so I will see if I can get a permit for the Boulderfield. However, I am also looking at the north part of the part and the south part (So, another words, the areas where there might be fewer tourists). Wanted to see what others on this site thought...


Dec 11, 2015
It's been a few decades but any of the campsites that puts you in the Never Summer Mountains in the NW part of the park, are likely going to be good.


Feet on the ground, head in the clouds
Apr 11, 2012
Should you go midweek or just get lucky, the Glacier Gorge Campsite is seriously sweet. It is the only one in Glacier George, my favorite hike in the park. Again, it is tough to get a permit but man it is worth it, you will be the only one in the while valley that night.

My other suggestion is in the Mummy Range. Take the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead found in the North of Estes Valley towards Left Hand Canyon. Lots of really great sites and the back entrance into the park is nice as well, lots less people. Also the trail up Lumpy passes some nice bouldering/climbing areas and you might see some big names there, plus it is still empty, nothing like Eldorado Canyon.

Finally, I am almost always using the Wild Basin Entrance, there can still be a lot of people but they will all be gone after the Calypso Cascades. It is South of Estes along HWY 7 heading towards Nederland. Much better backcountry in Ned or over the hill in Winter Park though IMO.
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