Rescue Blanket as Multitool?

but yeah that's a cool post, seems like very sensible uses for something that many of us carry anyhow
Also worth noting from the end of the video that if you are wrapped in a rescue blanket at night, a drone with thermal might not see your body heat...

Interesting to use it as a sling, or as a really flashy piece of additional clothing!
In winter, I like using one as the ground cover in my shallow grave. They are strong until you puncture or start a tear, and then they shred quickly.
Could only be looked at by Europeans......

They show the basics of improvising for wilderness medicine wit items on hand.
After my fall, as I laid in the bottom of the wash (wrapped in my rescue blanket) and not knowing how long it would take rescuers to arrive, I contemplated using some utility cord and the blanket to erect a makeshift tent. Fortunately, I didn't have to try. I used to only carry one in my pack, but now I carry several.

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