Reliable Water Sources in Bryce NP backcountry?


Dec 11, 2013
I'll be hiking the Under the Rim trail this weekend with some friends. I'm curious which water sources are reliable this time of year?

Can I expect to find water at sheep creek and at yellow creek?
From the Ranger's mouth:

Water is scarce, tastes terrible even when filtered, and has giardia in it. Carry as much water as possible. But the following have some water:

Sheep creek

Iron springs (most reliable)

Riggs springs
Use a First Needs XLE. It makes foul tasting water taste a-okay. It's the only purifier I've ever used that truly eliminates bad taste.
Riggs Spring is very reliable and tasted fine to me. Iron Spring has always had plenty of water when I've been there, but it's nasty looking:


Also... I know this might break the illusion of being in the wilderness, but there are a couple of spots that it would be fairly easy to set up a water cache via a side hike to/from the road. The park may frown upon that approach -- not sure of their rules.