REI Revelcloud or Stratocloud?


Mar 10, 2015
So I have my trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons set for September 15th and I am a bit worried about the temps. I have my sleeping bag situation all set but now confused on jacket choice. I picked up the revelcloud hoodie a bit ago and I like how it has a hood and how small and light it is but not sure how warm it will be since it's so thin. I see now that the Stratocloud is on sale and that it should be warmer but is a bit thicker and fluffier and also doesn't have a hood.

I plan on pairing up the jacket with a fleece, 1/4 zip Better Sweater maybe? Do you guys think I should be good with the revelcloud or should I play it safe and go for the thicker one?

Longest post ever for a simple this jacket or that jacket question haha sorry :)
Revelcloud + fleece + rain jacket should keep ya plenty warm. If ya layer it all right, you should be totally fine.
Okay cool that's what I was hoping for. Thanks!

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