Reflection Canyon

Jerome Hartlage

New Member
Mar 5, 2024
Just looking for anything on the overnite hike to Reflection canyon. Is it a great hike and camp destination?
I really enjoyed Llewellyn and Cottonwood. Reflection was not really a draw for me, though the slickrock travel and camping above was nice. I guess drawn down resevoir rings on rock are not very aesthetic to me. I was glad we desended Llewellyn with light daypacks as opposed to part of a backpack loop. It was wet enough that it challenged us. Had it been dry it wouldn't have been such a challenge. Rappels are not necessary if folks are relatively experienced chockstone downclimbers. Very beautiful and interesting.

Did down llewelyn to the water and crossed over to cottonwgood, down to the water and out. but not reflection. 14 mile trip. Some nice petros 2/3 down llewelyn. CHockstone in upper part but you can slide under it easily. We took our time with three nights, but could probably do as a long overnite.
I did reflection canyon years ago, right before it got super popular. I thought it was an awful hike and would not do it again. Yeah the views at the end were nice but that was it's only redeeming feature.