Redwoods hiking & Oregon coast in September incl. 360 sphere pictures


Aug 18, 2018
It's September....! A nice trip combination we have done many times in September is hiking in the coastal Redwood parks in Northern California followed by a few days along the scenic Oregon coast. We start the trip with the first two nights in Fortuna, California- why? Eel River brewery.... BBQ, beer and great outdoor seating.

The first day we hiked 10-12 miles in Humboldt Redwoods State Park- just south of Fortuna. We headed down to Matthole Rd and did a combination of trails like the Big trees trail, Homestead trail and Bull Creek Flats trail South. It's always much warmer in Humboldt Redwoods SP than Prairie Creek SP further north. Humboldt Redwoods park has lots of very big trees, but fewer ferns and it's much more open. The Grieg-French-Bell grove is very different from the rest of the park and on the way out we stopped in the afternoon to take pictures:

HUMBOLDT REDWOODS SP -"Grieg-French-Bell Grove" - dense cover of redwood sorrel beautiful lit up in the afternoon (multi-shot panorama)

The Grieg-French-Bell grove is a small area with lots of social trails. We always enjoy the thick lush groundcover of redwood sorrel.

Humboldt Redwoods SP - Bull Creek Flats Trail South (multi-shot panorama)
Humboldt-P9200038 Panorama redwood trail v2(1).jpeg

After another night in Fortuna we drove 65 miles north to PRAIRIE CREEK REDWOODS SP.
We hiked 11-12 miles on the James Irvine trail out and back to Fern Canyon (some people return via Miner's Ridge). INCREDIBLE HIKE! :cool:
Easy meandering between the coastal redwoods out to Fern Canyon. Even if we first start at 8am we don't see anyone till we reach Fern Canyon.
The crowds drive out to Fern canyon, so you won't be alone out there. Regardless- it's a cool spot.

Here is a link to a 360 SPHERE PICTURE OF FERN CANYON (spin the 360 sphere picture around):

Fern Canyon wall

Rick setting up for a multi shot panorama or a 360 sphere picture in Fern Canyon. I wait patiently..... for a very long time!

Second day in Prairie Creek Redwoods SP we hiked a combination of trails, like Prairie Creek trail to South Fork trail and out on Brown Creek trail to a hidden and fairly unknown memorial grove. There is no sign, just make a right over the bridge about 3/4 in on Brown Creek trail and follow the loop in the memorial redwood grove. We returned on Brown Creek, to Foothill trail and Cathedral tree trail. A shorter, but nice loop hike is Prairie Creek via zig-zag1 to West Ridge.

2 years ago on Labor day I turned a corner and encountered a black bear standing right in front of me on Prairie Creek trail eating berries off a shrub. Single track, river and shrubs to the left and dense shrubbery to the right. Now what? I backtracked slowly facing the bear and found Rick taking pictures further back. We first continued 15 mins later after meeting a group of people who said, what? a bear? where? The bear had disappeared. It's unusual to see a bear so close in this park.

A small fallen redwood on Foothill trail in Prairie Creek Redwoods SP (multi-shot panorama).
P9221166 Our Fallen Tree Pano.jpeg

Bridge on Brown Creek trail into hidden memorial grove (multi-shot panorama):
Brown creek-P9262596 Panorama.jpeg

One of many bridges on the James Irvine trail (multi-shot panorama):
P9210778 James Irvine Trail with bridge v3 copy.jpg

We drove further north and just northeast of Crescent City is JEDEDIAH SMITH REDWOODS STATE PARK.
It has lots of giant coastal redwoods and it's hard not to be in awe when you drive in on Howland Hill Rd.....
We mainly go to the Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP to see the GROVE OF TITANS. :cool:
Spectacular giant coastal redwoods like Del Norte Titan, El Viejo del Norte, Lost Monarch, Chesty Puller and Screaming Titans.
Several years go we searched very hard to find their secrete location and when we finally did find them, wow, wow, wow....!
Just the 2 of us surrounded by giant costal redwoods for many hours.... it was just one of those days we will never forget. Now you can google it and every year we bump into more people, but no big crowds. What about the food in Crescent city? As Rick told someone who asked: "Let me know, if you find a great place!".

"Chesty Puller" in Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP (fisheye lens view)
Jedediah-P9252458 big tree fisheye.jpeg

Here is a link to Rick's 360 SPHERE PICTURE OF "SCREAMING TITANS" :

The Mill Creek Trail- easy meandering
Mill creek-trail-IMG_5038.jpeg

After several days of hiking in the redwoods and being surrounded by green, we head further north along the southern Oregon coast, usually to Bandon.
Cool ocean fragrance, waves crashing, large scenic rocks, tidal pools, long runs or walks on the beach, wind ripping. Just gorgeous....

Bandon beach-IMG_3469.jpeg

Every sunset and evening is spend on the beach close to Face Rock Scenic viewpoint and when the fog stays away and the sun is gone this is our view:


The only challenge along the Oregon coast is the fog- it comes and goes. In 2017 we went end of September and we had fantastic clear weather. Supposedly there is a 3 week window more towards end of September with less fog and clear sunny days. Food: We buy fresh fish at the "Bandon Fish Market", take it back and cook it yourself, superb.

Low tide- close to Face Rock, Bandon, Oregon
Bandon-tidal-pool-P9252232 v2.jpeg

After a few days in Bandon Oregon, we drove back south and hiked more in Prairie Creek Redwoods SP.


Aug 21, 2018
Beautiful Photographs!

I love the big trees -- I'm always torn between visiting Redwoods or Sequoias. There is just something about standing around them that gives life some prespective. . .

Great Report!


Aug 18, 2018
Beautiful Photographs!

I love the big trees -- I'm always torn between visiting Redwoods or Sequoias. There is just something about standing around them that gives life some prespective. . .

Great Report!

Thank you @TractorDoc !
We love the big trees too- and they look great printed on canvas. Look what Rick's sister came with yesterday:

CANVAS PRINT 7 FEET WIDE of Rick's multi-shot Redwoods picture - we will frame it ourself, hope it goes well :cool:

Quick tryout on the wall- not easy to hold up a giant canvas :

The Redwoods path printed on canvas and framed, 40" wide.
Sunlight hit the print and we realized we need to get more light on these when they hang
path on canvas.JPG


Feb 12, 2018
Great photos. I spent May in Crescent City and hiked all the trails you enjoyed. I am still looking for a spot there with good food, not sure one exists. I think I ate in every place there a couple of times or more at least, finally settled on Hwy 101 BBQ on the north end of town. Pick up some take out (all they offer is take out) and head for a trail. Only open 4 afternoons a week.

I enjoyed that small memorial grove off the Brown trail by myself for an hour or so. Great spot. I agree that the Grove of Titans is somewhat difficult to pinpoint with zero signage. But it is certainly worth the effort. Also found the hike to Fern Canyon to be as you described, no people till the canyon, then none on the way back until almost to the visitor center. Bonus was saving the day use fee you pay if you drive to the coast and take the 3 minute walk.

Late afternoon / sunset is fantastic in the Stout Grove, close enough to Crescent City I could get take out after work and do a few laps and then wander in to the Boy Scout Tree as well...

Thanks again for the pictures.



New Member
Sep 8, 2018
Pics are beautiful, seeing the redwoods is on my bucket list!

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Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
Yay! Fern Canyon! I keep meaning to go, I have friends up that way and had plans to do LCT this year that got squashed. Seeing your photos made me feel like I was there.
Thanks for sharing!


Jan 24, 2017
Wow.... seriously... wow. Great photos and another need to come see those trees! Thanks for sharing. I have never tried to do my own canvas prints... bought a few done from my photos but never stretched and mounted myself/ Was it very tough?


Nov 4, 2013
How miserable would hiking Oregon coast in December be?

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Aug 18, 2018
Wow.... seriously... wow. Great photos and another need to come see those trees! Thanks for sharing. I have never tried to do my own canvas prints... bought a few done from my photos but never stretched and mounted myself/ Was it very tough?

The 7 ft wide print is rolled up again and we have to figure out how to mount it. Rick looked into it yesterday - it's feasible, but it will require some prep.
I imagine getting two 7 ft pieces of straight wood for the frame will be one of the challenges. After we get it all stretched and mounted I will reply again.
His sister also brought a 12 ft wide x 4ft print of one of his multi-shot winter pictures with trees and lots of snow..... Super cool - literally!


Aug 18, 2018
How miserable would hiking Oregon coast in December be?

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Well.... @Nodust , I'm not sure. Supposedly both Crescent city, California and Bandon, Oregon get about 10" of rain in the month of December.
That's a lot of rain. I believe it is the rainiest month up there. I once asked a local in Crescent city and she said it's miserable and it rains all the time in December. A neighbor of mine was eyeing a holiday hiking trip in the month of December. Maybe @KJR has more info?
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