Redundant Photo/Video backup


Mountain Carver
Feb 19, 2012
This thread is a bit of an offshoot from one of Nick's older posts about filling up Xternal drives. I have a slightly different but related question. Do you use redundant storage? Meaning, do you have an xternal driver somewhere that is the only place you have some photos or videos or is that also backed up online or on another drive or something. I had an external of my backup files, including photos that I sent to my Mom's house in case Idaho burns down and I lose mine but I haven't added to it in about 2 years. Right now I have everything on at least two drives but as I get more into video and photo that is becoming a bit of a problem. I have a smugmug site but don't really use it as mass storage.

I would like to hear if and how you do it.
I keep my music and photo's on two drives.

I haven't gone so far as to mail one to another place though ;)
Besides my local backup, I also use a program called Crashplan to backup to a friend's house. He has an external that keeps daily backups of my selected files, and I have an external that keeps backups of his selected files. Crashplan has a paid service to use their servers, but it's free to use a friend's drives.

The way I figure it, a local backup is really only useful for a failed drive. Flood, fire, and theft will all likely destroy your local backups, also.
I have redundant storage on my externals. For example, I have 4 bare 1 TB drives that I use as a second 'archive' copy of all my photos. This is my current stack of drives. I just added them up and I have about 15 terabytes sitting there and several more elsewhere. Getting out of control!