Real Time Satelite Images


Jan 18, 2012
Can anyone point me to a service/website to view recent satellite images? Trying to see how the snowpack is in a few places and Google Earth is no help.
That would be awesome, but I don't think such a service exists. I second Bob's suggestion to check the snotels. Where are you trying to figure snowpack at?
Farmington Canyon. Even a few weeks old would be helpful, they just opened the gate and I wanted to see if there was still anything on Bountiful peak left to ski.
Snotel shows 69" so there should bw plenty for this weekend
You can tell just by looking up there that there's a healthy snowpack remaining above 7,500 feet. Getting up Farmington Canyon could be pretty sketch though.
Yeah, I know the gate is only open to the fork to Francis Peak. I used to drive that in the winter when they "plowed" it prior to the landslide in 2010. Now they close the gate at the mouth of the Canyon so you can only use a snowmobile in the winter
B W, nice site. Haven't run across that one. Looks like they ave the snotel data a put it on a map so you can understand it....
Thank Bob Wire, that's perfect. I hope to drive up and check the road out tonight.
Post up what you find. I've been tempted to see how far up the Bountiful side I could get.

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