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I slay white dragons, adventure, and take photos
Jan 20, 2012
Hey All!

This weekend a few friends and I are getting together to create an outdoor-oriented app at SLC's Startup Weekend event at the Gateway Mall. Part of the judging criteria is to get customer validation, and this is an experience I've wanted for a really long time.

The app is is a beautiful GPS and route saving/sharing app. It differentiates in that:

- I can follow a shared route much like the same that one races against the time-trial ghost in Mario Kart or XBox Live, giving you live feedback of how and where you are compared to your peer(s).​
- A completed route can be memorialized with the purchase of patches, badges, hat, shirt, i.e. physical merchandise of your design or a community design to commemorate your achievement or to show off the fun time you had with friends. (We hiked _____!)​
- Gear checklists are shared for routes. Seasoned adventurers have their stash of gear they rely on. You can know what they use and compare/share your preference.​
- Trophies, points, and notoriety (social clout) are awarded to users as routes are completed and shared.​

Knowing this, please answer the following survey!


I slay white dragons, adventure, and take photos
Jan 20, 2012
Feedback on what you'd like to see in a GPS app is also appreciated! I've always been frustrated with different outdoor and running apps on smart phones.

What's on your wish list?

Howells Outdoors

Adventure is my middle name...actually it's Keith.
Sep 26, 2012
Oh man of I'd seen this I would've helped. Interestinglyenough I was submitting a similar idea in the Vegas Startup Weekend. How did you do?
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