Questions about next week in White Cloud Wilderness


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Jul 27, 2016
Hi folks...a few questions about backpacking next week in White Cloud Wilderness. (Two experienced backpackers but not climbers nor anglers. Happy to average five to seven miles a day depending on terrain and what there is to see. Love alpine lakes.)

* Does it look like smoke from Idaho City or North Fork fires makes it a bad idea to go to White Cloud area next week? Hard to get a read on that from rural Oregon where I live.
* Anyone have opinions about or recent experience comparing Boulder Chain Lakes to Windy Devil Pass vs. Big Boulder Lakes to Sapphire, Cover, and Cirque Lakes area?
* So this will be the first week of August. Have mosquitoes died down? Guesses or recent experience on deer flies or horse flies on either of those routes?
* Any comment on how heavily used these are likely to be during the week?
* Is there some other route we should be considering instead?

flies and mosquitoes were bad yesterday in a different mountain Idaho location, 7 devils. there's a good size fire burning near Idaho City, smoke probably depends on which way the wind's blowing.
As Ben said, the smoke level definitely depends on the wind direction. Here's a link to a webcam in the Stanley basin, between the 'Tooths and the White Clouds. Looks pretty clear this morning.
You'll more than likely see other people during the week, but my experience is that you can easily find solitude.
Happy hiking.
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