Question? Temp in GC next week?

Jimmy Olsen

Aug 13, 2012
I'm heading to the Grand Canyon next week (leaving Saturday) and I'm struggling to find reliable information on the overnight temperature in the Canyon. I'll be hiking Hermits Rest to Indian Garden. Does anyone have a good idea how cold it gets around there at night? I've read next week could get down to anywhere between 70° and 44°. I'm trying to lighten my load and not carrying extra clothing, lighter bag, etc. would help.

A weather update, for anyone interested. After arriving in Vegas and checking the weather we knew it would be warm in the canyon but cold at night on the rim 35-45°. We didn't realize it would be quite as warm as it got in the canyon, however. Daytime temp at Phantom Ranch was 105°! Thanks to the stream that runs through the campground we were able I stay cool. Made sleeping a little uncomfortable but not too bad without a rainfly. We were able to alter our itinerary after speaking to the ranger when we arrived at the north rim and added another night. We left from the North Rim (instead of the south like we had originally planned) and stayed a cotton wood the first night, about 65-70° at night. We got lucky and due to some cancellations we got in on the steak dinner at PR and spent the second night in Bright Angel. The third night was back at cotton wood then we headed back to the north rim in the morning. All said, it was a great trip!