Question about Moab Canyoneering Trips/Guides


Apr 27, 2016
I am not sure if this belongs in general or trip planning, but figured I would drop it in this section, if it needs moved feel free to relocate the post.

My wife and I are going to Moab again this year for Thanksgiving and it seems like my in-laws might be tagging along. My mother-in-law has decided at the age of 50 something that she should start working on her bucket list and one item on that list is rappelling. Now why she didn't take advantage of when my wife and I had the equipment and lived near them, and frequented the black cliffs outside of Boise I have no idea. I decided that this trip to Moab could provide an opportunity for my Mother-In-Law to get her rappel in and for the rest of us to perhaps have an intro to canyoneering.

So with that background I was wondering if any of you have any experience with any of the tour guides in the area or have areas that you believe would meet the introductory criteria. We plan to go on Thanksgiving Day so our options appear to be limited. So far the only guide that I have found to be open is Desert Canyon Tours. We are looking at doing either their Desert Oasis canyoneering tour or the Cable Arch Adventure Tour.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Apr 27, 2016
Thanks Ned. I will shoot him an e-mail and see if they are willing to offer a trip on Thanksgiving day.


Apr 27, 2016
Thanks powderglut. I believe I looked into their tours but if I remember right they were one of the tours closed on Thanksgiving Days. That rappel around morning glory arch looks fun though. I saw one tour company that does some kind of counterbalance dual rappel off the arch itself.

I haven't heard from 12 Finger Outdoors, and after explaining everything involved to my Mother-in-Law I think we are going to go with the Cable Arch Tour through Moab Canyon Tours. They have been very responsive to my questions and helping me put together something that should be enjoyable for all of us and not overly intimidating for my Mother-In-Law since it will be her first time on a rope of any kind.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions and assistance.


Jun 11, 2017
If @DrNed buddy doesn't work out. Try these guys. They have a killer 1/2 day trip that starts up near the slick rock bike route. With a couple of big rappels. Big drop into Negro Bill Canyon (Guess they call it Grandstaff now) right next to Morning Glory arch.
Sorry, but I used to hike in that part of the Sand Flats every single day. I watched this tour company develop a trail where it was once pristine. There was no reason for it, they could've stayed on the slick rock, but they just chose the most direct route down to Morning Glory. That trail has grown wider and deeper with time and their feet, and will be visible for many years. It was totally irresponsible and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I did tell the management up there about it, but apparently nothing came of it. They have their hands so full of miscreants that it's impossible to monitor everyone.
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