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Apr 27, 2016
We just picked up an inreach mini and are trying to figure our what the send/track on the safety plan for 10 cents each means. I want to make sure I'm not setting it up incorrectly and receiving a surprise bill. There website is less than clear on this. Does anyone that has an inreach have some clarification on what the send/track on the subscription plans means? I am not planning to use the inreach for tracking since I have a gaia and a garmin watch. I would like family members to be able to see our location when we send them the canned freebie messages, but I am hoping that it doesn't tack on an additional fee for adding the location if I do that.

Would love to hear from those of you with the inreach, especially those of you on the safety plan.

I agree that the plan details could be clearer, but it looks like the website does clarify that for the Safety plan "Tracking Points" refers specifically to the "breadcrumbs" sent automatically - it doesn't include the 10 free texts/month or Unlimited Presets, so you should be good.

However, I'm on the Recreation plan, so I've never personally tested that fact. Best bet would probably be to test it before you head out for a longer trip and make sure only the charges you expect show up.
We just picked up an inreach mini and are trying to figure our what the send/track on the safety plan for 10 cents each means.

It means if you enable tracking on the device while you are out, every 10 minutes (the default interval) it will plot your gps location and add 10 cents to your bill...

Including a link to show your location on the map when a text is sent is a separate feature with no add-on charge to use it in any of the plans. You pay for the text you are sending.
I have not been charged for having the location included in the pre-written messages.

@Outdoor_Fool - how do you use yours in practice, do you send 1 prewritten message including your location every night at camp with the location included?

@swmalone , thanks for bringing this up. Remember to “train/educate” family & friends to NOT necessarily reply every time to your pre-written “I’m ok- here is my location” kind of messages, like everyone does with a regular text on the phone. So you can send prewritten free messages with location included “FYI only type of purpose”, but any reply from family and friends to that free prewritten message will count against your free message limit (10 on freedom plan).
I'm on the safety plan and I have 2 preset messages, the gps coordinates get sent with each message.
#1 "everything fine, trip going according to plan"
#2 "everything fine, but change of plans"

These preset messages don't cost extra.
I try to give my wife a hint about what I am planning, i.e. potential routes or where I think I will camp each night. Most of my messages are #1, but occasionally plans change and I send #2. My "system" is one ping in the morning to tell her I did not get ate by a bear :) and 2 pings when I get to camp so she knows that I am done for the day. Sometimes there is a mid-day ping that will hopefully make it easier for S&R to find my body if I don't ping again. I will occasionally use the text function but I prefer to be in the woods and not be texting.
@Titans we have already warned my mother-in-law that she will get a bill if she responds to every message. She is the main reason we picked up the inreach. It is nice to have the SOS available if something really bad happens but it is primarily to provide peace of mind to her when we go somewhere without cell service we can do a daily check-in.
Nothing to add as far as the plans, just a FYI since you're a new owner.
Time to send can vary drastically with location, elevation, cloud and tree cover, etc.
Mine has sent a preset in <15 seconds, and also taken >25 minutes, so I typically set it out while making camp, and check it afterwards.
Doesn't cost anything, but if you're impatient, turn it off and back on, try to resend because it "should have worked by now", whatever, it will send multiple messages when it does connect.

I only use 2 presets, which go to my worrywart parents: "All ok, making camp.", and "Delayed, but all ok.", which gets sent around sundown if I'm going to hike in the dark for a while, and means I'll send another preset when I stop for the night.
Tracking on/Sending on

10¢ every time it sends out your location (safety plan)

Tracking on/Sending off

You can then sync up at home and view your route on the map website. Also syncs to Earthmate app. No additional charge.

Tracking off/Sending off

Just use the pre-sets to let people on your contacts list know how you're doing and where you are.

SOS function is available on all (active) plans

You get 10 text messages on the safety plan. One to tell you're significant other you're having a great time and several to tell them to quit replying. If you make it past 10 you start paying.

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