potable water in Escalante town?


Mar 28, 2012
I guess this is maybe a silly question but I'm going to be car camping in the Escalante area this coming week with some out of town visitors and my vehicle is going to be pretty much filled to the brim with our stuff and rather than trying to shoehorn in a huge amount of water, it seems best to just drive into Escalante town to refill at some point (I mean we're going to want pizza and beer one night anyway). Is there a public source of potable water in town somewhere? Or would Escalante Outfitters let us grab 10 gallons or whatever even if we're not staying in their campsite?
The Escalante Interagency Visitor Center has had portable water in the past (2019). Or ask the stuff of Canyons of Escalante CG.

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Not a silly question, a very good question! Struggled with that question ourselves many times.

Same here, we filled up water in fall of 2021 at the hydrant located in the parking lot of the Escalante Interagency visitor center (see photo).

And now we are on that important topic:
- There was a parking lot hydrant in Hanksville at the Blm office in fall 2020 (don’t know if it was effected by the flooding of 2021)
- The Paria contact station has a parking lot hydrant - BUT you cannot access after office hours, “ gated hydrant”. They close at 4:30pm?
- Natural Bridges monument has a year around running hydrant (if pump works), valve is 6ft down. It’s in front of the visitor center.
- Kane Gulch station, their water pump was out for many months through the summer and fall of 2021 and the ranger was using 5 gallon tanks or like.

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Not applicable to regehr's request, but while we are talking BLM watering holes:
-Kanab BLM was accessible and turned on, when we stopped in after hours to fill up in mid-November.
-Price BLM had no visible source a couple of years back. It was in the evening, though. We tanked up on gas at a station on the north side of the road leading towards the BLM office, and found a hydrant there that we were welcome to use.
-Cannonville BLM visitor centre had water, maybe 10 years ago when we stopped in during the day.