Poison Ivy Levels in Death Hollow


May 27, 2015
I was wondering about the famous poison ivy in Death Hollow. Is the ivy at the same density levels throughout Death Hollow? I've heard it's particularly thick where Death Hollow meets the Boulder Mail Trail. Going south toward the Escalante River, does the ivy stay as dense or does it thin out?

I'm planning a trip and one person in the group has high sensitivity to it, so I was thinking that if we entered Death Hollow from the Escalante River and didn't go too far up it (not as far as the BMT), and then turned around, that we might not hit the thickets parts (although I'm sure there is still some). Thanks for any info on this!
There will be thick poison ivy all the way down Death Hollow, up to where it intersects the Escalate River.

In my opinion you would be missing out if you by passed the BMT route into Death Hollow. If you're worried about a car shuttle, then use the Bowington (Boynton) route across the Slickrock Saddle Bench.

If your friend is highly sensitive, he should stay in the water. You can avoid most of it that way. Wear long pants as well, and take them off at night carefully. I had a friend who was very sensitive hike down it with me this April. The ivy was just barely starting to bud, and he still got rashes on his feet. But he was hiking in sandles, without trying to avoid it. No one else had a reaction.
As Joey said, ....... Stay in the water mostly.......you can see where the ivy is.......
Thicker above the BMT.
I just did Death Hollow. Wear long pants and you won't have to worry about it. Easy to avoid. I never once touched it, and I'm pretty sensitive to it.
I highly recommend doing all of Death Hollow down from the Boulder Mail Trail if you have time.
If you think you might have contacted poison Ivy you still have a chance.

This guy has some good advice for avoiding the rash caused by Urushiol. I think the video is worth a watch, but if you don't have time, he basically says that scrubbing thoroughly with a washcloth on areas that may have contacted Urushiol within 2-4 hours will remove it before skin irritation can occur.

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