Point Reyes August 2022


May 16, 2016
I added a couple extra days after Yosemite to check out Point Reyes National Seashore. Point Reyes had been on the "need to see" list since @Tim Valentine's report https://backcountrypost.com/threads/point-reyes-national-seashore-december-2021.10080/ Thanks Tim for the inspiration

The couple days ended up being basically free since a slightly later flight was cheap enough to cover the extra days for the rental.

I got a campsite reservation at Samuel Taylor State Park which put me close enough to Point Reyes for easy drives and it had showers to get clean before flying home.

Point Reyes is crawling with animals, birds, elk, elephant seals, ...






What is this? A badger? Long way off and disappeared after two photos, so hard to tell.



What are you looking at?


Seagull and crab fight

On top of the animals, there is a lot of beautiful views





Old Lifeboat Station



I highly recommend a visit to Point Reyes, awesome place, hope to return again

Lots more photos/details here (no ads) - https://backpackandbeer.blogspot.com/2023/03/point-reyes.html
Yup that is a badger. Facial markings and structure (of the face) strongly suggest as such.
Yup that is a badger. Facial markings and structure (of the face) strongly suggest as such.

Thanks, a badger is the only thing I could think of, but could not find mention of them on the Point Reyes site.
Awesome photos.

I'm thinking about heading there for a few days in June. We got snowed out of our High Sierra plans, so we're thinking about splitting a trip up between Reyes & Yosemite.
June, and most of early summer is gloomy at Pt. Reyes. You won't get snow, but your gear will soaked every morning with fog and dew. It's not a deal breaker, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Best is.late August through October--clear skies, sunny weather.
Wow you had some great encounters! Now I am inspired for a return trip. I think I will take balzaccoms advice and plan it later in the summer. I have never seen a badger in California. That is a highlight. I forgot about the yellow lupine bushes. They really look good in the pictures. Seagull vs crab was good on your blog site. Gopher are pests in my yard. It is rare to see them out of their hole. I don't have any of them on camera, so good job on that capture.

thanks for the report!

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