Planning in the COVID-19 era


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Jun 2, 2020
Just a noob trying to tackle the craziness of planning a trip during COVID-19. Wife is an infectious disease doctor who has been in the middle of everything, and has a window of time when we can get away and she can then self-quarantine before going back into the hospital.

So far, every plan has been 2 steps forward, 1 step back (or 2 steps back or 3). The few reservations I've had have either been canceled by the Park Service, or with shuttles not operating in Zion I'm canceling that portion (driving an RV), and my wonderful plan for hiking in the Maze has turned into a terrible plan (see thread in General Discussion). Yosemite's reopening plan has not been approved, so a key part of the trip (crossing through Yosemite to leave NorCal and head into Nevada) is also highly at risk.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, we hope, so I don't know if it's worth my posting more trials and tribulations here, as they won't be very valuable in the future, but I'm happy to do so if useful to others. One example: RV prices are going up. If you've been tempted to rent, you should reserve now. 2 weeks ago, Cruise America was renting standard sized ones for $120/night. Now it's $200/night. Except that not all locations charge the same, so I found that the Newark/San Francisco office was at $165 compared to the two other locations in the Bay Area.


Jun 11, 2017
VRBO - if you're careful, you could rent a nice house for that and then go out each day. Glacier's getting ready to open. Montana seems safer than most places right now. There are also lots of places near Glacier you could go.
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