Planning a last-minute trip this weedend


Jun 13, 2015
I am planning a quick backpacking/fishing trip this weekend up into the Uintas. One option I'm considering is Dead Horse Lake via West Fork Blacks Fork. The other option (shorter hike) is Amethyst Lake. Is it too late in the year to head up there, and will it be worth the potential crowds at Amethyst? What are your thoughts on these two options?

One of my questions about West Fork Blacks Fork trail head is the river crossing at the very beginning. Anyone know if the water is very deep this time of year? I'm hoping to be able to drive across if possible...

Also wondering about the fishing. I've heard good things about both (this is the Uintas, after all), but I'd be interested in anyone's opinions, advice, comparisons between these two lakes, etc.


Aug 9, 2007
One of my questions about West Fork Blacks Fork trail head is the river crossing at the very beginning. Anyone know if the water is very deep this time of year? I'm hoping to be able to drive across if possible...

You should be totally fine with HC 4WD. The crossing is really easy but the road gets kind of rough on the other side.

Labor Day usually isn't that busy up there and it certainly isn't too late. Even after Labor Day it's a great time to be up there if the weather is still nice. I would not expect good fishing at Dead Horse, but maybe nearby... There are so many lakes in the Amethyst Basin that some of them will definitely be good. The meadows near Emerald Lake are fun to fly fish for little brookies.
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