Photos from Low Gap Trail last summer


Make ready. Go forward!
Jan 21, 2012
Last summer I backpacked along the the Low Gap. It's a 10 mile loop. I really like doing this loop on a Friday night to Saturday morning. Great place to get away after work on a Friday. Hike until it gets dark and then get up the next day and finish the loop. Nice and easy. It's one of favorite nearby hikes.




Where is low gap?
Low gap is a 10 mile loop to the SE of Martinsville IN. Morgan Monroe State Park. I really love this trail. It's got a few ups and downs of 200 feet or so. Very scenic. It's about an hour away from my house. During the longer days of the summer months I'll hit the trail on a Friday afternoon after work. I start the loop and hike for an hour or so and then stop for the night. (a 2-4 miles.) I get up the next morning on Saturday and finish off the remaining 6-8 miles just after lunch I'm back to my truck and on my way home. It's a nice fix in between longer hikes.
It's also the start of a longer a trail here in Indiana called the Tecumseh trail. Hiked part of, but not all of that trail.