Petrified Forest NP - Photos


Aug 18, 2018
Today I was looking for some photos from a December hike to Wahweap Hoodoos in Utah, but I stumbled over more Arizona pictures from our long November/December 2017 road trip. After spending a great Thanksgiving with friends in Denver, we drove 650 miles southwest to Petrified Forest NP, close to Winslow, AZ.... Very nice park, we will be back. It was windy and 81F (!!!) on Nov 27, 2017. Here is a collection of the photos from that day:

Historic Rt 66
pf1-PB270096 AUR Landscape Enhanced.jpg

pf2-PB270184 Petrified Wood Log.jpg

pf3-PB270190 Petrified Wood Logs.jpg


pf6-PB270294 Petrified Forest v2.jpg

pf7-PB270350 Panorama Petrified Forest.jpg

pf8-PB270392 Petrified Forest.jpg

pf10-PB270400 Petrified Forest.jpg

pf11-PB270476 PETRIFIED FOREST.jpg

pf12-PB270532 Petrified Forest.jpg

pf13-PB270534 Petrified Forest.jpg

pf14-PB270560 Petrified Forest.jpg

pf15-PB270574 Petrified Forest v2.jpg

PF16-PB270580 Petrified Forest.jpg

pf17-PB270580 Petrified Forest B&W.jpg

pf17-PB270632 Petrified Forest.jpg

pf18-PB270654 Petrified Forest.jpg


pf19-PB270692 Petrified Forest.jpg

Rick - the photographer :

Hope you enjoyed the photos :cool:


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  • pf24-PB270017 Panorama Painted Desert.jpg
    pf24-PB270017 Panorama Painted Desert.jpg
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