Parker Canyon 2-15-20


Feb 15, 2013
Confession. The reason for this post, aside from the fact most of us are relegated to the arm chair right now, is so Todd can post some of his awesome photography on a follow up post.

I called Todd and asked if he was up for a canyon weekend. I was coming from a visit with an old friend, in Gila New Mexico and it sounded like an easy loop back to Colorado with a couple of days in the Superstitions. Jeff called asking about some details of a canyon he had done recently. Good timing on his part, He got an invite. Mike McPhee has been on the sidelines recently and he jumped in too. Todd likes smaller groups, so I restrained myself from inviting others.

I did send an invite to Joe and Sara, two of the state's premiere explorers and good friends that I had not seen for a long spell. I heard from others that they were hard to get "out" these days. I can't resist such a challenge. I left messages on their phone's telling them I was dying and they better get out with soon, like next week if they wanted to see me. One, in this present climate, the humor of this tact is diminished if not downright eliminated. I added that "aren't we all dying from the moment we are born?" Anyway they signed on for a day, with something like a 5 hour drive each way. We let them choose the canyon. Joe choose Parker.

Off we went down this wonderful canyon, which shows so well in February flow and lighting, having done the canyon almost 3 years before to the day. I sure like these people and it was a wonderful run. I am cursed with a pretty good memory. Well it seems sort of a curse this time. I could compare the moves I made then, with the moves I wouldn't or couldn't do now. Ahhh well. At least I am still in the game, with a little help (sometimes a lot) from my friends. Joe and Sara were off home and we settled into a night around the fire, with another canyon in our sights for the next day. Pictures? Tom rightly states that "less is more," but I can't restrain myself.

Here kitty kitty, tracking a doe

Joe on board

Todd at the suit up spot

A lovely light

Game on

The man, the myth, in the glow

Mike back in a canyon

Jeff (Zul) moves and I get a blur most times.

In search of "posers."

Joe on the go

Many moods

A wee bit of conglomerate rock

Packing tripod.

Mike makes right

Joe gets a shower

Rare Zul standing still pict

Having fun yet?

Pioneers and friends

A pleasant stroll back

Canyon down there

Goodbye till next time

And here are the promised pictures by Todd



Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
Wow! Amazing! I need to learn how to do other things besides walking.
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