Paria Canyon 2022


Jul 31, 2018
After 3 yrs of recovery from health issues, I'm going to be putting my boots back in Paria. My last backpack there was in April 2019. I'm going to do a few overnights in the Vegas area to prep.

I'm going to take it easy and do:
Day 1. White House to confluence. Set up base camp.
Day 2. Day hikes down Paria and up Buckskin.
Day 3. Back out to White House.

Some questions.
1. Can I still rely on good water anear the confluence campsites?
2. There was a good campsite just down Paria from the confluence (maybe a mile or less). Still a good spot?
3. Any news or general info for me since I've not been there for 3 yrs?



New Member
Jul 17, 2022
Oct 2020 and Oct 2021 had good flowing water at the location you mention East of the confluence. My first trip there Oct 2020 was dry with no rain the prior 2 months and only 2 pools of water to wade through on day 1 (Wire Pass to the Confluence). Very easy. However, Oct 2021 had a flood 5 days prior to our arrival and day one was extremely slow, wet, and cold with water up to your armpits. The following night, a large flood swept through the canyon at 9pm and was one of the scariest things I've ever heard and seen. Luckily our camp was about 3' higher than the 10' wall of water. Over the next day, we helped with or witnessed three helicopter rescues due to injuries (two of them related to the flood). Nothing downstream of the confluence seemed to change from 2020 to 2021 other than super fast moving water from the flood. We are headed back this October 3, 2022 because it's that good of a hike. If anyone wants to share van costs, send a message or reply here.


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