pack fabric comparison page

Brendan S

Mar 19, 2016
Nice. For canyon country backpacks I've found X50 to be good (the pack I've been using last couple years I made from VX50 which is same thing but dacron vs Kevlar X-Ply threads....the X50 is even better because they are flatter/less of an abrasion point). Fully woven dyneema is orders of magnitude better than anything else but $$$ and not very available. The dyneema laminates Ive found to not really have enough abrasion resistance for desert trips.

As someone who is very weight conscious I feel pretty strongly that pack fabric is one of the absolute worst ways to save weight. A pack typically uses a square yard or so of fabric so you're saving only a few ounces for something you're going to put holes in vs something super bomber.


Hiker Trash
Jan 4, 2015
The Robic stuff that ULA uses is great - definitely made with abrasion in mind. Yeah it increases the packweight by a couple ounces, but gosh-darn that stuff is resilient.
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