Overnight parking in Needles backcountry

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by Craiger, Jan 7, 2017.

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    If anyone is familiar with where the Joint Trail meets up with the spur from the 4WD road in the Needles, there is a little loop there with a pit toilet.
    See below for a map:

    I've seen vehicles parked there during the day. Anyone know if you can park there overnight? My buddy and I are taking our 10 year-old-daughters to CP3 in March and I was hoping to cut down on the distance we have to hike. It's their first backpacking trip and I want to make it as gentle an introduction as possible (I know, you're probably asking why we're going to the Needles for a first trip for a 10 year-old). My thought was we could spend one night in Devils Kitchen and then drive to that spur, park it, and backpack in to CP for a night or two. That cuts down on water worries as well as the amount we have to haul in. I just don't know if we can leave our vehicle there for a couple of days. I couldn't find any info at nps.gov.
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    I'm pretty sure you can. I don't recall any signs prohibiting overnight parking.
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