Outdoor Retailer Show


Feb 12, 2014
Will any of you be attending the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show here in Salt Lake City this week?
I'll be there Friday wandering about. I'll try to take some photos of the cool stuff I see.


Dec 11, 2013
Yup, we went yesterday. Our YouTube video is being uploaded as we speak. I was thinking of starting a new thread for it, but maybe I should just add to this.


Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013
Will any of you be attending the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show here in Salt Lake City this week?
I'll be there Friday wandering about. I'll try to take some photos of the cool stuff I see.

How do you get approved for registration to attend? Don't you need to be be a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, or a member of the media to get a badge?

With @steve attending as a representative of BCP, what attendee category did that qualify under?

I would love to attend some shows in the future, but it looks like that would require a change of career for me or getting my personal blog grown into a more professional blog that generates tons more traffic, interaction, informative and insightful guest posts and so on.


Mar 3, 2013
Nick you need to con it out as a buyer........I actually go as that...


Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013

Cool. That's what I assumed, but was curious to know for sure.

I was looking at the media sub-sections that layout the qualifications for media attendees after thinking of a number of other people I know of that seem to have gotten in by affiliating themselves with the industry simply by virtue of what started out as a personal blog posting trip reports, route guides, and gear reviews that has since gained traction and become more established with a large number of regular readers or they are people who do social media for new and collaborative website and blog based publication startups.

Here's what they say regarding blogs & websites:

New Websites/Blogs:

•A scanned copy or link to original, bylined editorial work showing coverage within the outdoor space from the last three months.

•A monthly traffic report from an external demographic tool, like Google Analytics, verifying the site or blog gets a minimum of 5,000 or more unique monthly visitors (UMVs).

The Web publication must be a previously established, independent site that is updated at least biweekly with original and industry-related news.

The site must have a proven track record showing coverage of the outdoor space for at least 1 year.

Please Note: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter sites, personal blogs, forums, crowd sourcing sites and users groups will not be considered for working media accreditation, but can apply for media sales badges.
I take it that when they include "forums" in that last part, they are only referring to people who participate as regular members of a forum and not actual administrators of a well established forum such as BCP. Obviously, BCP is well-established and I think it's cool that you guys are recognized and approved for attendee badges.
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