Osprey Stratos 24 Pack, REI deal of the day

Man I want to buy it just because it's Osprey but I already have the woman's version of this pack. If you are looking for a daypack this size get on it, and buy this thing.
It does have a pocket but the bladder is sold separately, mine leaked! (I have a different Osprey)
I like the bladders Nalgene makes for Osprey, but I've had bad experiences with bladders leaking and I avoid those brands too. My favorite part about the bladders, is the magnet that keeps the hydration tube from flailing about.

I'm also a Nalgene freak and always have a Nalgene on me (now I just need to find a waterbottle cage to put my nalgene in on my bike).
As for myself, I'm not a fan a camelbak because I've always gotten mold in the tube.I had a couple of their waterbottles and would wash them after each day of use, and they always had mold in the mouth pieces and straws.
I can't get the bad plastic taste out of my Osprey/Nalgene bladder. I have never had that issue with my Camelbak bladders.
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