Ogden/Salt Lake area


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Jan 4, 2018
I am going to be in this area towards the end of September. I will have 4 days/3 nights for an adventure somewhere. Any must see spots to check out?
Uintas that time of year are great. Far less people around than during the summer, no bugs, cooler weather.
You don't mention whether you are looking at a backpack, or basecamp doing day trips. Although a bit further away than the Uintas- I would go for Capitol Reef, especially for day trips. Will be somewhat busy around Fruita, but in my experience at that time of year- uncrowded once a little ways out on the trails.
Oops, that information might have been important. I am looking to do a backpacking trip. I think I might look more into the Uintas since it is the closest to where we are going to be. I did just a quick google search and found some recommendations for Glady's lake or Red Castle Lake.
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