NY Times article on lead ammunition

I was able to view it without paying. Try using something like incognito mode (chrome, other browsers should have similar functionality).
Nope says wants money.... Not doing gyrations to read stuff ..... Especially nyt
I was able to see the article with no problem
Would like to see the data behind “between 10 and 20 million animals a year die ... from lead poisoning”, because frankly if your margin for error is +/- 10 million you’re just making a wild ass guess, but nontheless if copper does the job then why not.
Bob must have already used up all his NYT articles for the month ;)

Most of my wildlife/bird biologist buddies have switched to copper ammo for the above reasons. Seems like a no-brainer.
Lead for bird hunting has been outlawed in Utah for many many years. Big game....no
Lead for bird hunting has been outlawed in Utah for many many years.

Banned nationwide since 91. Sorry my bias is showing. Forgot there are plenty of non-waterfowl birds, lol.
Bob probably has an ad blocker turned on. Lots of sites will block because of that.
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