Not sure where this is.


May 19, 2012
I recently started scanning some old slides, and I found a box with random images of ruins. From the date stamp on the slide, and looking at some old maps with my trips delineated with dates, I think I have an idea where this is. It might, however, be a well known ruin, I only saw one image in a Google search though. The structure at the end was spectacular, with that long "street" connecting it to the entry.

A view from the entry. I would assume that there were structures and a low wall along the edge at one time:

scan0032 2 gg deer.jpg

I have looked for shots on the other side of the building looking back but I can't find any. I seem to remember you could bypass the structure on the cliff side, looks a little sketchy though:

scan0039 3 gg deer.jpg

Completely intact, in beautiful condition:

scan0031 5 gg deer.jpg



Lower structures:

scan0029 20 gg deer.jpg

scan0030 1 gg deer.jpg

So, If someone wants to help an old man with a bad memory it would be much appreciated. If this is a "seldom seen" ruin feel free to message me.

The page from Backpacker that I found:

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6 kinda looks looks like in Slickhorn. Kiva could be perfect kiva in slickhorn. all known......
It's the upper portion of Turkey Pen Ruin. It has been about 35 years since I have been here, and this section is closed now. However, here is a pic of Mr. Abbey about the same time we were here:

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if we're going to mention Mark Klett, let's mention that a lot of people at this site would likely enjoy his rephotography books, such as _Second View_

(no doubt many have seen these, but I bet not everyone!)
I have never heard of him. I enjoyed looking through his site.
I was asked not to ID this ruin. I should not have done so. Just because it is a well known site, with pictures all over the internet, does not excuse me from doing what I did.
dont worry about it, where its listed on the offical GG hiking maps ..... and anyone can take the pic and ID it with google....

I just guessed based on what my foggy memory can remember. Havent been down there for years...
Mark Klett is an amazing photographer who's photographed a lot of fantastic landscapes of the southwest US. One of his projects was re-photographing the Glenn Canyon area that was originally photographed by Elliot Porter, though Mark was forced to photograph Porter's locations above water. Fascinating stuff.
I have the book The Place No One Knew, beautiful book.
I will check out Klett's pics.