Not Really Backpacking: Car Camping Trip in virginia.


Ferret-Lord of Virginia
Apr 23, 2014
Hey you guys,

So While I normaly go back country camping and still plan to do a few summer trips, I have a trip planned in may that involves a group of freinds who perfer not to lug up their equipment to the top of a mountain.

My only issue is finding a place with a decent and short hike up to a veiw, and a place to fish while car camping in a spot that feels like I am still back country camping.

Anyone know of a good spot that we could drive a suv too that has a little bit of both a fishing oppuntunity and a short easy hike (freinds are lazy)? Perferably in the George washington National forest because we can have a open camp-fire.

How short does the hike have to be? The PATC has a cabin off of the Little Stony Creek in northern part of GWNF. I believe you can fish the creek and it's about 3.5 miles from parking to the cabin. If you're more into hiking, you can hit Big Schloss from the same parking spot (or a longer hike from the cabin) which has great views.