Non kilt wearin’ version of th Gneiss Creek Expedition part 3…

Jan 18, 2014
98D02D4D-9C46-44C9-ACBE-1ED08B9991C1.jpegFeelin a bit more human this morning after gettin overheated n dehydrated on yesterday’s jaunt… 604C2E5B-9306-48B4-BD51-C183ED13AE5E.png6E8451A6-FFC1-46F3-897F-7BC0E5E23EDB.jpegmade it to th food prep/central heatin unit, we warmed up n got some grub whipped up fer blast.F824B2B9-DE7C-448C-A2AA-1EA2DBF01404.jpegA couple of th guys headed over th mountain to see what they could see( and see why th bear went over th mountain in th song.)8EA4709E-419F-4111-AE4E-361B48E801D9.jpeglookin like rain…it did spit a few drops n as soon as we put on th rain gear…it stopped350F5D52-9137-4C55-8C4D-01636D03A0F3.jpegfearless leader at th fire after th over th mountain hike3BEDF8D8-35EE-4B95-ACD4-49DFFFE705C2.jpegThe Hulk kept th fire Tended all 4 days..thank you for that.ED0287B1-76D1-44EB-A988-6061A0EE1366.jpeglooks like we could get some rain this mornin…I told th group it’ll hold off til we get out of th backcountry.A1FE6276-1290-4366-B531-1A9FE5A638B0.jpegbut will it?02529CFD-BF51-4D29-978B-9966E3D661C1.jpegperhaps…61D54FAC-A4B9-4CE7-8D42-0437DC4DAFBB.jpeggettin sunnier060758DD-B024-4A7D-8C1D-A2041144ABE0.jpegsmokeless sky for th first time on th tripADF11810-DDED-4A44-A72C-14FA0D7B0DFB.jpeggettin ready to head back to th trailhead3B68325A-9A2F-434D-A8B3-856E814E47B6.jpegI always get a bit choked up breakin camp on th last day…overjoyed for yet another opportunity to get into th backcountry with a great group of guys, but sad that it’s almost over…ABF82A70-3E2D-4466-B418-2BC24F6DCBEC.jpegwe headed back to th vehicles, color splashed about everywhere ya looked.9F562E46-6900-47B8-A2F2-174BB1FA0E20.jpegIt was so golden89B8F69B-3744-436C-A73A-B17602A2A3FC.jpegcrossin th creek..where was this bridge a couple days back?C1084360-1FE2-424E-8F20-E31E2107337A.jpegour last break for water n snacksB9FCF4E0-102E-44C6-BD03-75B1792AE392.jpeglooks like The Hulk wants to go back to camp…me too.EA880747-78A2-41AE-BD2B-6E54150164CB.jpegfall was not thru with colorin th forest floor078728F2-E403-4C0F-85AD-C773B17AA208.jpegsunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…42A7339E-03E9-49E8-8B67-4443817F153D.jpegsunshine in my eyes can make me cry…401B286C-519C-4FFD-A60D-5881D0B4ED00.jpegE339AC6D-1523-4F8D-BE54-E34331DD49EC.jpegfireweed gettin ready for a long winter’s napECC36297-F976-4290-AD29-6F2BD4984DB1.jpegslowly n surely, we grudginly trod back to th cars, relishing each stepDE026A00-82A4-4385-9566-4CF0F1495D08.jpegif these were only real gold coins!AC27CD99-4553-4A05-B9B1-B9A5864371C9.jpegth Hulk reminiscin of another great time in th woods.D228B8E5-0FED-458F-89FB-2ED426E92502.jpegonward we go…7A3B9F9E-FE5F-4D56-AC20-5985558E37F0.jpegthose views!C838BFBD-4AB8-4CF8-A8C9-4B6D109BF510.jpegwhat great weather headin out..70ish with 20 mph winds!527F7617-01A1-4068-AF5A-5EDD78567E34.jpegwe were treated with th clearest skies of th trip.FC6418E9-6045-41C9-ABDF-62A704442C2F.jpegback..gettin ready ta head into West Yellowstone fo some pub grub!7F94039D-4D17-45B0-9F72-2E28D2E21DE0.jpeggood food, good friends and another fun filled time in th backcountry…
To be honest, this was th best trip I’ve been on thus far…next September’s trip will be hard pressed ta beat this one…( but I’m sure Scatman will come up with somethin that’ll top it! How bout a light snow while summitin Mt. Holmes? Til next time….

Happy Trails to y’all!


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